SUSTAINABILTY & SUCCESS: Designing, Innovating and Delivering

Success in business sustainability is like anything else:

  1. Having the tools to organise and motivate a group of people to achieve the goal - innovation and influencing skills;
  2. Setting a direction and designing how to get there - regenerative thinking; and
  3. Knowing how to work smarter, not just harder - living and working well.

Language is the tool that humans have been using for millenia to get things done in groups - learn to use it more effectively and you'll increase your ability to deliver successful projects. You don't have to have charisma to do well - build your understanding of how language works and the process of innovation and you'll get results.

Practice powerful conversations in the emerging field of regenerative thinking and you can join in the move to "do well by doing good". Or apply your understanding of language to the conversations you have with yourself and learn how work smarter, not just harder.

Do you want to increase your ability to innovate?

Without the right skills, any form of change program can be difficult. The percentage of inventions turned into adopted innovations is pretty low (around 2%). The heart of any business development program is innovation adoption - getting a new practice adopted by the people on the ground. Know the "how" of innovation adoption and you'll increase your success rate on any project.

Recent studies are showing that innovation leadership is fundamentally a conversational process - and it's a skill that's learnable. Effective influencing isn't all about talent or charisma, it's about specific, learnable skills. Build your capability to engage and communicate and you'll increase your effectiveness and your success.
Innovation and influencing are learnable skills...

Explore our innovation programs... Master the fundamental communication skills that are at the heart of innovation adoption and you'll increase the success rate of your business development programs. Teach them to your people and accelerate your results.
Are you ready to increase your innovation success?

Do you want to design exciting projects that deliver big results?

Regenerative thinkers have been achieving 30% - 80% reductions since the 1990s, using straightforward principles that deliver profitable strategies and practices.

While the principles are straight-forward and based on good science, they involve fundamentally re-designing the way we deliver products and services. Without them, you could find yourself trapped in 20th century thinking about sustainability - focussing on compliance, reporting, trading and efficiency inside existing business models instead of leveraging exciting new strategies and practices.
Regenerative Business = sustainability + opportunity...

Explore our regenerative thinking programs... Master Regenerative Thinking principles and mindsets and you'll increase your ability to see systems and spot exciting win/win/win solutions that deliver better business solutions and increased career success.
Are your ready to start playing a bigger game?

Do you want to work smarter and have more fun?

Passionate people short on innovation and influencing skills can end up as casualties of their passion. A sustainable world starts with you living and working sustainably.

Career success in the 21st century is about more than technical skills - without the ability to communicate, delegate and manage relationships, you could be doomed to working harder instead of smarter.

Professional sports people know the difference that the right coach makes to their performance. Smart business players are increasingly following their lead on how to improve their skills and technique in the workplace.
Smart winners have a team - and a coach...

Explore our professional coaching programs...

If you can't manage yourself well, you let other people down. When people stop trusting you, your ability to be a change-maker plummets. Are you running on empty? Then take some time out from "working hard" and learn how to work smarter instead.
Do you need to learn to work smarter, not just harder?
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