Professional athletes have known for decades that collaboration with a skilled coach enhances their success. Whether it's becoming the leader in your own life or increasing your career and business success - expert training, observation and feedback enhance how well you do what you do.

Balance3 offers individual coaching programs to enable you to operate better in the world - whatever your game. Our programs include:

  • Personal Productivity Coaching to improve the way you operate in the world.

  • Getting Regenerative combines coaching and training to kick-start your exploration of Regenerative Thinking.

  • Innovation & Communication Coaching to improve your capabilities as a change-maker, manager and leader (regardless of your current job title).

  • Executive Sustainability Coaching to support the transition of technical experts to strategic and executive senior management roles.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching asks the question "Where do you want better results? Right now?" It's a one-to-one exploration around who you're being in your life and where you want something more. Our personal coaching is sessional and flexible. It's coaching - not therapy - so its primary focus is how to move forward.
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Getting Regenerative

Develop your understanding of regenerative thinking and the skills to turn it into exciting opportunities. This unique combination of education and coaching is a tailored process for aligning your values, career and interests so you can develop your own unique sustainability opportunities.
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Innovation and Communication Coaching

"Leadership" used to imply charisma and authority but a different interpretation is emerging. We like Warren Bennis' definition of leadership as "getting people to WANT to do what needs to be done."

Whether it's running a small business or a large department; starring in an executive role or simply being the leader in your own life - what we now know is that specific, learnable skills generate effective self-management, influencing and results. Conversational Skills teaches you core skills and coaches you in applying them in your life and work.
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Executive Sustainability Coaching

Executive sustainability coaching is specifically designed to support the transition of good technical experts to strategic managers and executives. It builds the skills of strategic thinking, effective delegation and the making and managing of commitments. We turn excellent operators into great leaders.
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About Our Approach

We combine the powerful technology of Ontological Coaching with extensive business and leadership experience to deliver winning results.
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