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Are your sustainability projects getting the results you want?

Do things get the way you want, when you want them to? Or would you like to be more effective? Getting things done in organisations is all about influencing. Whether it's delivering a major sustainability project or just doing well in your regular job, knowing how to engage and communicate effectively with those around you is a key success factor.

Success doesn't require charisma - we now know that it's about using language effectively to manage yourself and your relationships with those around you. Recent developments in a range of fields from linguistics to neuro-biology have turned conversation from an art to a highly-learnable craft.

There's a set of learnable skills, processes and principles that - with practice - will increase your ability to deliver innovative, effective sustainabilty projects. You don't need a degree in environmental science or an MBA for sustainability success - just some new ways of observing and interacting with the world around you.

Hi, Iím Leigh Baker. I work with sustainability project managers to increase their career and business success. I teach them the skills that enable them to deliver their results with more support and cooperation.

Smart sustainability projects are about business innovation - and that's been my business for more than 30 years. My work is in improving business systems and processes to deliver better results.

Success is about the "soft stuff"...

I spent over 20 years in Australian industry working on supply chain improvement projects. Again and again, I observed that successful projects had smart leaders with the ability to build relationships and focus on business results. It didn't matter how "smart" the technology was - if the "soft stuff" wasn't working then the project would only deliver a fraction of its possible benefits.

So I started learning more about "the soft stuff" - the innovation and influencing skills that are the foundations for truly successful projects in manufacturing and distribution organisations. Over the last decade I've brought together a range of practical tools from time management, leadership and coaching to help smart technical people (from engineering, accounting, logistics and similar fields) become more effective and successful at delivering real results.

Sustainability and the "Soft Stuff"...

In 2001, I caught the sustainability bug. I was well-primed from years of supply chain experience. (Spend a significant amount of time in factories and warehouses and you KNOW that turning your TV off at the wall isn't going to be the difference that makes a difference.)

So when I was introduced to the book "Natural Capitalism" I had a light-bulb moment - sustainability is a supply chain challenge, and it's all about business innovation. So sustainability success is all about "the soft stuff". At Balance3, we specialise in how to apply influencing skills in the context of sustainability strategy.

What's different about our approach?

It's pragmatic, it's solution-focussed and it teaches learnable skills for improving your career and business success, wherever you work in your organisation.

We take a systems approach and we look for opportunities. Real innovation (especially for sustainability) is about recognising and realising business and career opportunities that go beyond traditional assumptions to explore new ways of thinking about business and delivering business solutions. Again, we're in the business of practical, learnable skills and thinking.

We'll teach you:

  • To understand the processes of invention and innovation adoption;
  • The conversation and communication skills that you can use to make it flow more easily; and
  • How to see underlying supply systems and the system shifts that will deliver major improvements.
You'll learn how to make a bigger difference, more easily. The skills we'll teach you are ones that will serve you for life - not just for a project.

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Effective influencing isn't all about talent or charisma, it's about specific, learnable skills. Build your capability to engage and communicate and increase your effectiveness.
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